Here’s a quick note – I may not have much to say, but it’s time to get on with it. Once a week is my plan. Right now it’s quite difficult to concentrate, as three young women are singing loudly across the table from me, excerpts from Sondheim’s Into The Woods – occasionally with some unpredictable harmonyIt has been a beautiful sunny day in Stroud, and also down near Bath, rehearsing with Will Gregory’s Moog Ensemble for some forthcoming gigs, attempting to control the infinite knob-twiddling possibilities of the Korg MS-20. I shall be cured of my technophobia. However the days to come involve much cultural excitement, a birthday trip to London featuring a night out at The Lion King (not entirely by choice – not my birthday!), perhaps some jazz in Cheltenham (preferably Iain Ballamy on Sunday) and then a studious few days of musical research in Paris. Plus hopefully sitting in cafes by the Seine reading pretentious books and drinking intellectual coffee. Last Sunday Truffleshack played in Bristol, busking at the waterfront, sheltering from icy winds and torrential rain, and then at the Canteen on Stokes Croft, to a west country late sunday lunch crowd of beards. Hot work, particularly in my new hat.