Recent highlights:

Three days working at Masonic Hall in Bradford, surrounded by robes and symbols and a bookcase full of masonic history books. The building is for sale, a mile out of Bradford city centre, in its own grounds, backing on to a wood, potential for arts centre/commune/cafe/community hub – I spent the whole week fantasising about it, if only I had £500 000 – but it would be quite a commitment.

Two days in St Ives – classic steep hill leading down to narrow cobbled streets, chips and curry sauce on the harbour, sunset on the beach.

Then a day on St Mary’s, the largest of the Isles of Scilly, blissfully peaceful, hardly a car to be seen, strolling along country lanes always in sight of the sea, a dip in the water, chips and curry sauce on the harbour. Flew there on an 8-seater plane (four rows of two plus a pilot) – hardly enough room to sit up. A proper flying experience.

Three days in Liverpool, old-style veggie cafes (Egg Cafe) and new-style hipster cafes (Golden Square) – beards compulsory. Still a feeling of edginess and opposition and alternative cultures – daughter was staying in an old 5-storey warehouse in old industrial wasteland colonised by bike nerds and tattooists and other representatives of entrepreneurial counter-culture. I was staying in a slightly worn business hotel near the catholic cathedral. Liverpool gets high marks.

And a gig at the Barbican, depping with the Moog Ensemble, twiddling knobs in the dark, sometimes producing deliberate sounds. It is still pleasant to play music in public, occasionally.

Meanwhile, the EU’s treatment of Greece makes it very difficult for an (idealist) anti-austerity left-wing democrat to support the EU in any shape or form. Blatant capitalist dictatorship/repression/oppression. No question.