Hope and Resistance

Goodness me, it feels difficult to adjust to this backward-facing world, where a 13:12 vote is described as “the people have spoken”, and the winning candidate in an election received 3 million less votes than the loser. There are voices to follow, to inspire resistance, clinging on to what used to be universally accepted universal values – human rights, individual rights for all individuals as humans, regardless of anything else – Paul Mason, Pankaj Mishra, Laurie Penny, Owen Hatherley, Beatrix Campbell – but resistance and solidarity has to happen in everyday life too, wherever we might be.

Meanwhile musical inspiration remains too – in “jazz”, anything related to the veterans Henry Threadgill and Wadada Leo Smith, anything on the Pi and Firehouse labels, anything involving the young(ish) progressives Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jonathan Finlayson, and particularly¬†Matana Roberts.

Resist and survive.