Autumn approacheth.

So many things to reflect upon – wedding music of all kinds, Truffleshack gigs in Bristol bars (small but perfectly formed), Jonny Fluffypunk in Stroud, Richard Hawley DJing, Napoleon IIIrd blowing away cobwebs at Wakefield’s reopened Unity Hall, Nick Cave’s film premiere last night – plus forthcoming travel to the far east. The most entertaining moments of the Nick Cave experience were provided by Warren Ellis and his astonishing violin/electric guitar playing, as well as his general persona – with the whole film, I was never fully convinced whether anything was true, or perhaps merely exaggerated for the purposes of building a mythology. The other highlight was Ray Winstone, who, in his character as cockney geezer with a touch of menace, is very endearing, but who, in his character as hard-sell betting huckster in every football broadcast, needs to be challenged and given a very hard time. Transitional times, as autumn approaches! Apparently the message the film was trying to convey was to just get on with it, don’t procrastinate or wallow in self-doubt, just do it. Er, okay then…